About Page Builder Pro

What exactly is Page Builder Pro?

Think of Page Builder Pro as your very own full-time web designer.  We provide you with incredible web designs and options, help you secure and set up your domain name and make it easy for you to build and customize on your own.

What if I don't want to do any of the designing or content building?

No problem!  For an additional $399, you provide the content and we’ll build your entire website for you!  Yes, seriously.

Can you help me set up and/or transfer my domain name?

Absolutely!  We’d love to help.

What if I'm already happy with my domain registrar?

That’s fine too.  We’ll still help you point it toward your new website!

Do I have to use one of your designs?

Nope.  You can start with a blank canvas!

What type of designs do you have?

We have designs for almost anything you can imagine, but we don’t like to limit our designs to the imagery on each layout, stripe or template.  All of our designs are 100% customizable, and we encourage you to customize them, it’s fast and easy!

Getting Started

What are the fees involved?

You have the option to be charged monthly ($12) or annually ($120).  There is also a Lifetime option, but that is only available for a limited time, as long as it’s on the homepage, it’s still available.  But, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

What about my domain name?

Your domain name will be paid for through your registrar.  If you choose to transfer your domain to us, there is an annual fee.  (The price is the same regardless of the hosting/design package you have.)

This is a minimal fee, you probably won’t save any money by transferring your domain to us and it probably won’t cost any more.  We simply offer this as a courtesy service.

How many pages can I add to my website?

The sky is the limit!  Don’t let us hold you back.

I'm an advanced user, can I add/use code?

Sure! You can add code to any page.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

Once you have an account, you can manage it from start.pagebuilder.pro

I still have questions

You can chat with us from our home page: PageBuilder.Pro or send an email to support@pagbuilder.pro, we’re happy to help you!

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